●Apple ¥300
●Sweet potato ¥300
●Cream almond & Chocolate ¥330
●Cream cheese & Blueberry ¥330
●Chicken ¥360
●Meat ¥380



Tomorrow, April 27th (Tuesday), the pie specialty store "OGLIVIE" @oglivie_thepieshop will finally open in Takeoka, Kagoshima City.

After consulting with us at the beginning of 2021, we have been designing logos, signs, tools and other things.

The owner, Mr. Kinoshita, had a career in the design industry in his previous job, so I was always nervous when making presentations, but there were many occasions when I was sympathetic to myself and learned from the selection judges I visited in places.
And the essential pie ..... it's really delicious! There are two main methods for making pies, "folding" and "kneading", but the "OGLIVIE" pie uses "folding" and is characterized by its luxurious dough using millstone flour. It's delicious by itself, but at the time of opening, we have a lineup of 6 types of pies.

Anyway, a golden pie that I want many people to eat. I'd love to!

In addition, "OGLIVIE" is a store with housing in a quiet residential area, and it is a complete counter sales style, so please be careful not to inconvenience neighbors such as parking on the street. There are 2 PARKINGs!