Trim is the name of Shinya Matsushima’s design activities. A little out of the box in the way of working and thinking in the world, we design various scenes in Japan and overseas that require ideas based on the concept of “being involved in things like yourself. By organizing large and small problems scattered around, doubting the conventional sense of values, and using ideas and various creatives that change the perspective, we will create and realize a high-quality optimal solution that is “comfortable”.


デザイン・ディレクター|松島 晋也
Design Director|Shinya Matsushima

1982年 鹿児島生まれ
2005年 九州産業大学工学部建築学科卒業
2007年 九州産業大学大学院工学研究科博士前期課程修了
2007年 addalpha inc.
2012年 trim 設立